The core business of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) is to conduct large-scale, policy-relevant, social-scientific projects for public-sector users, non-governmental organisations and international development agencies. We do this in partnership with researchers globally, but specifically in Africa. Our commitment to cutting-edge research which supports development nationally, in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and in Africa is evident, but it is our commitment to the dissemination of that research that demonstrates the remarkable and measurable impact of our work.

As the national social science council of South Africa, the HSRC wishes to serve as a knowledge hub to bridge the gap between research, policy and action; thus increasing the impact of research. This is achieved through collaboration with key constituencies, including government, other research organisations, multinational agencies, universities, non-government organisations, and donor and development organisations.

Research Programmes:
Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery, Education and Skills Development, Economic Performance and Development, Population Health, Health Systems and Innovation, HIV/AIDS, STIs and TB (including the Africa-wide research network, (SAHARA)Human and Social Development

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)
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