Research in this department aims at the urban water system as an entity and at developing the corresponding ecological, economical and social services into a sustainable future. In addition to traditional questions concerning urban hygiene and water pollution control, the sustainable use and management of the resources is a primary concern.

Water management provides siginificant services and benefits to urban areas. In Switzerland per capita 135’000 litres of drinking water are produced and 535’000 litres of rainwater and sewage are discharged annually. This enormous accomplishment is achieved with a pipe network of roughly 152’000 km in length (20 m per resident). The current replacement value of this infrastructure amounts to the considerable sum of Sfr. 20’000 per resident.

Efficient water resources management means health, quality of life, protection from flooding and protection of the environment. Research efforts of the department are devoted to the present and future of the complex system around urban water resources management.

Department for Urban Water Management (SWW)
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