Sandec is the Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag).

Our mandate is to develop concepts and technologies which are adapted to the various physical and socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing countries, sustainably insuring populations’ access to improved water and sanitation.

Our work in five research fields takes place in close collaboration with international and local organisations. These collaborations contribute to increasing research capacity and professional expertise in partner countries.

In order to raise awareness and enhance professional expertise both in high- and low-income countries, we document and disseminate results of our research through publications, teaching, and a training tool.

Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (SANDEC)
P.O. Box 611
8600 DĂĽbendorf

Phone: 0041 58 765 52 86
Fax: 0041 58 765 53 99


Caterina Dalla Torre