NADEL offers a multi-disciplinary course program to young and experienced professionals working in development cooperation. The courses offered are closely linked with NADEL’s research activities and development consultancies.
Master of Advanced Studies in Development and Cooperation (MAS): The multi-disciplinary Master in Development and Cooperation prepares young professionals with a university degree in natural and engineering sciences as well as humanities and social sciences for working in development cooperation.
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and individual Training Courses for Professionals: Individual operationally-focused advanced training courses as well as a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Development and Cooperation, both in-service, aim to deepen and expand the expertise of professionals already working with development agencies.
Lectures at D-GESS: NADEL offers various lectures in development economics for students of all disciplines at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS) at ETH Zurich.

Research and consultancy
NADEL conducts empirical research, often linked to direct applications. We analyze selected economic and social questions of developing countries, in collaboration with natural sciences and engineering, as well as the instrumental design and implementation of development projects and programs.
Our objective is to combine theory and practice of development cooperation in our research and teaching activities. For this purpose, NADEL regularly conducts consultancies for governmental and non-governmental development organizations. The knowledge generated within these projects directly feeds into NADEL’s research and teaching.

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