The Swiss Association of Research Managers and Administrators (SARMA) is a non-profit national network of professionals committed to improving the effectiveness, competitiveness and quality of research and innovation management in Switzerland.
In today's complex economic, social and political environment, R&D management and administration increasingly require professional competences that go way beyond scientific know-how. Ever since its foundation in 1999, SARMA's principal objective has been to support capacity building in order to improve the R&D manager's role as an interface between management and research, to foster professional skills and to eliminate barriers.
With over 100 individual and 8 top ranking institutional members in both the public and the private sectors, SARMA has established itself as a well respected and widely known association for professionals in Switzerland who aspire to excel in their field.
The Association is directed by the Board and the Programme Committee (PC), and governed by the General Assembly. The Board and the PC develop strategies and policies, and define priority topics, considering the best way to serve the membership in this complex professional area.

Our ambitions are addressed through the following strategic objectives:
- Stimulation and facilitation of the networking of professionals in the field of research management and administration
- Development and promotion of good practice in research management and administration
Improvement of the interface between Research and its Management, and between Science and Industry
- Supporting newcomers to careers in research & innovation management and administration
Encouragement of high standard professional development
- Promotion of the interests of the Swiss research community in general and SARMA members in particular in policy-making fora and funding bodies

Swiss Association of Research Managers and Administrators (SARMA)
Vorderer Hubel 21
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Christoph Zehntner
Phone: 0041 31 859 29 82