The Swiss TPH (formerly known as the Swiss Tropical Institute) was founded in 1943 as through the initiative of Professor Rudolf Geigy. He recognised the need to combine sound interdisciplinary research within the context of the social and cultural conditions of an endemic area with training and service provision. He felt that this approach would generate new evidence as well as contribute to health development. Since then, this goal remains the mandate of the Swiss TPH - to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally and nationally through excellence in research, services, and teaching and training with a special focus on developing countries.

The Swiss TPH is an Associated Institute of the University of Basel, and as a public organization, is partially supported by the Swiss Federal Council and the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The greater part of its funding comes from competitively acquired project funds and the earnings of its service departments.

Research at the Swiss TPH emphasises interdisciplinary approaches in epidemiology and public health as well as medical parasitology and infection biology. This approach ensures the best possible use of experience and facilities for innovation, validation, and applications to improve the health of populations.

The scientific reputation and experience of the Swiss TPH is translated into state-of-the-art services. Swiss TPH offers the full spectre from field, laboratory, clinical, and public health services and thus generates fruitful synergies in research and teaching.

The Swiss TPH is involved in a variety of teaching activities and educational collaborations inside and outside the University of Basel. Many Swiss TPH members participate in different forms of teaching activities to provide detailed research knowledge, technical skills and scientific experience. Important teaching activities include the MAS programs, e.g. a Master of Business Administration in International Health Management (MBA), but also teaching at the University of Basel and other Swiss Universities and Advanced Technical Colleges; supervision of Bachelor and Master thesis, MD dissertations and professional post-graduate thesis works; supervision of PhD students, as well as memberships in doctoral committees; memberships in steering committees of university and advanced teaching programs; and responsibility for e-learning modules.

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
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Jürg Utzinger
Prof. Dr.
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Prof. Dr.
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