IHI conducts a wide range of health-related research, including biomedical and environmental studies, trials of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, health-systems research, and monitoring and evaluation.

IHI is best-known for its contributions to malaria research. The organisation hosts the most advanced malaria vector research group in Africa; providing new insights on vector ecology, developing and testing new control methods, and providing surveillance on malaria transmission. On the clinical side, IHI's research portfolio includes malaria vaccine trials as well as studies to test the effectiveness of drugs and diagnostics.

In recent years, the Institute has developed new research themes, including Maternal and Neonatal health, HIV, Tuberculosis and other major challenges of public health importance. Throughout its work, IHI aims to test interventions that are relevant, affordable and feasible so that findings can be put into practice.

IHI's Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) provides a platform for monitoring intervention impact on mortality. The Clinical Surveillance System (CSS) provides a platform for measuring the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and diagnostics. A new information platform, the Sentinel Panel of Districts (SPD), will generate facility-based and population-based health statistics that are representative of Tanzania Mainland as a whole.

IHI makes a major contribution to training. Through collaboration with national partners, IHI experts will help develop and teach specialist short courses. Our partnerships with international universities provide opportunities for their personnel to pursue tropical health research and help mentor Tanzanian scientists. IHI places major emphasis on investing developing Tanzanian expertise at Masters, PhD and post-doctoral levels.

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Salim Abdulla
Chief Executive Director
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Honorati Masanja
Chief of Research
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