The Population Studies Center (PSC) of the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) has fostered research and training in population since its founding in 1962, with support from the NICHD P30 program 1978-2003 and the R24 program since 2003. The PSC is characterized by remarkable continuity in the production of high-quality research even as the composition of its Research Associates has changed and their research interests have evolved. Although the PSC still maintains a strong core commitment to demography (the study of the growth and structure of populations) – including the Graduate Group in Demography (GGD), a world-leader in the training of demography Ph.D.s – we have also expanded our research sphere, emphasizing the following research themes: the health and well-being of populations; human resources and endowments; innovation in methods; international population research; policy evaluation; growth and structure of populations; and networks in populations.

Population Studies Center (PSC)
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Douglas Massey
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