We seek partnerships with research and educational institutions, government agencies, development organisations, foundations and private companies so that we can realise new and innovative projects together. We offer services in the form of project management, consultation, training and evaluation.
Focal points:
- Applied research and development – laying the necessary foundations
- Applied research and development are indispensable when it comes to dealing with local, regional and global challenges.
- Researchers in emerging and developing countries often have very limited means for acquiring the necessary research base, or of applying it to practice. We seek to work together with researchers and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, as well as boost research capacity.
Knowledge and technology transfer – enabling access and intercommunication
Many emerging and developing countries have difficulty in gaining access to new knowledge and technologies, which often do not meet their needs and require specific adjustments. Working together with our partners, we develop context-related knowledge, keep them informed of current research results and foster cooperation between science and business.
Professional and university education – providing the necessary resources
Knowledge and skills are a person’s most valuable capital, and form the basis for sustainable development. Basic requirements, such as access to professional training and continued education, or cooperation between industry and occupational training, are not available in many emerging and developing countries. We provide support in working out concepts for professional and continued education; we advise decision makers, train teaching staff and promote cooperation between education and business.
Promoting businesses – using knowledge for sustainable business development
Successful businesses create jobs and income, and contribute to economic growth. This forms an important prerequisite for the positive development of a region or country, but does not guarantee that poverty will be reduced. We aim to help economic development that is oriented towards reducing poverty and is environmentally sound; we provide support to companies, service suppliers and organisations in the relevant areas of business and we promote exchanges between business, research and education.
Project management – using resources effectively and efficiently
We manage our own and external projects and programmes, strengthening the management skills of our project partners in regions to the east and south, enabling them to acquire their own projects and programmes, and implement them efficiently and in a goal-oriented way.
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