The School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL in Zollikofen is part of Bern University of Applied Sciences. It is recognised as a centre of competence in the agricultural, forestry and food industries and offers three unique Bachelor’s degree programmes in Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science & Management. The Master’s degree programme in Applied Agricultural and Forestry Sciences complements these programmes.
The degree programmes offer forward-looking, interesting and practical subjects.  Graduates are educated holistically and are prepared to take responsibilty for nature, people and resources in their industry; they therefore have excellent prospects on the job market.
In addition to offering further and higher education, HAFL conducts applied research and renders services in Switzerland and around the world, making in-depth scientific knowledge of practical use. These projects often challenge accepted wisdom and test unconventional approaches. Sustainability is, for HAFL, more than a buzzword: it forms the basis of the degree programmes and projects, be it in agriculture, forestry or food technology.
Research & development
Through its research, HAFL develops solutions to meet the challenges of the agricultural, forest and food industries.  The research projects are largely practical (‘on-site research’), which allows the context and complex operational interrelationships to be analysed.  Partners and stakeholders are directly involved in the project, and the results are intentionally communicated to a broad audience and with an orientation towards application.  The end product is not only publication in scientific journals, but also practical, action-oriented recommendations and resources.
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