The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law is a center of expertise on foreign law, attached to the Swiss Department of Justice and Police. It offers academics consultancy services on legal questions and provides government
agencies, international organisations, courts and private individuals, in particular attorneys and notaries with legal opinions on foreign law and international public and private law. It also carries out its own research on foreign and international law and cooperates with partners, mainly
Universities in Switzerland and abroad for that purpose. Every year, the SICL organises colloquia on current legal issues for Swiss and foreign experts. It is the source of highly specialised and sometimes rare information for specialists worldwide. The Institute’s library has more than 360,000 books and documents in over 60 languages. The library’s collections of Chinese and Arabic law are unique in Europe.
We provide legal advice and assistance in all areas of:
- National Legal Systems,
- International private and public law,
- Law of the European Union.
- Our staff is available to answer specific legal questions from individuals, private clients, attorneys, notaries, courts, and governmental agencies and personnel. We provide both legal opinions and comparative legal studies.
Institut suisse de droit comparé 
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel: +41 (21) 692.4911
Fax: +41 (21) 692.4949

Dr. Lukas Heckendorn