The Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) is a practice-oriented research institute that promotes development opportunities for children and young people who experience rapid and often conflictual change, and encourages their participation in society.
At the interface between science and practice, SAD develops and tests new approaches and methods. It generates practice-oriented knowledge through applied studies, monitoring and evaluation projects as well as through its own operational pilot projects. SAD passes on this practical knowledge to other organisations, who generate a multiplier effect both in Switzerland and abroad.
The Swiss Academy for Development was founded in 1991 as a non-profit foundation with its head office in Biel/Bienne, and is not affiliated to any political or religious group. SAD is certified by ZEWO.
Fields of Activity
Sport & Development
SAD examines the potential of sport in development cooperation. Through research, evaluation and pilot projects implemented with local partners, SAD makes a scientifically-based contribution to validating opportunities in this new and innovative field of international cooperation.
Youth and Anomie
SAD deals with the challenges and risks associated with social transformation. With empirical youth and anomie studies, we offer an instrument for early detection of conflicts, instability, and disintegration tendencies on the societal level, as well as risky behavior, substance abuse and violence on the individual level. The research findings lay the foundation for the creation of national youth policies, for the development of innovative approaches to youth empowerment, as well as for country risk analyses.
Intercultural Dialogue
SAD acknowledges the potentials and challenges of cultural diversity, encourages exchange between various groups and promotes social integration and participation. With scientific studies, evaluations, and operational pilot projects, we make our contribution towards living together in a pluralistic society.
Swiss Academy for Development
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Dr. Niklaus Eggenberger