Our mission statement
Sight and Life is the humanitarian nutrition think tank. We care about the world’s most vulnerable populations, and exist to help improve their nutritional status. Acting as their advocates, we guide original nutrition research, disseminate its findings and facilitate dialog to bring about positive change.

Sight and Life today
We believe that the right mix of funding, knowledge, technology and policy will lead to better health. In fact, we have championed the global fight against micronutrient deficiencies since our foundation in 1986, as a non-profit humanitarian initiative.

We work through advocacy and leadership to address societal changes affecting dietary quality. We act responsibly to disseminate information that reflects current knowledge and evolving scientific evidence. We also aim to promote partnerships that are able to solve outstanding problems.

Significant and sustainable
By providing an appropriate blend of funding, knowledge, policy and technology, we help to ensure a significant and sustainable improvement in human nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

Incorporating our vision, ""Building bridges for better nutrition"", our organization’s strategy is based on the following pillars:

1. Growing the evidence base for micronutrients;
2. Advocating better nutrition for brighter futures;
3. Sharing knowledge for improved nutrition; and
4. Promoting partnerships and capacity building.

Sight and Life
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Dr. Klaus Kraemer