The SNIS promotes academic research in the interdisciplinary area of International Studies with an interest in phenomena that transcend traditional nation-state boundaries. It supports different perspectives by valuing contributions from a diverse group of academic researchers including political scientists, economists, legal scholars, social and cultural anthropologists, historians, sociologists, geographers, environmental and public health scientists, as well as other academics. Thematic areas of interest include environment, development, health, human rights, and education, among others, as well as topics such as international and civil wars, sustainable development, public health, migration and refugees, gender issues, globalisation, trade and financial markets, human and cultural rights, and European politics.
SNIS delivers and promotes:
    •    SNIS research grants: through an annual tender and on a competitive basis, project proposals are evaluated and selected based on academic excellence, policy-relevance, financial viability and feasibility. Projects must be under the direction of a Swiss-based organisation of higher education; links between Swiss universities and universities abroad, as well as the involvement of international organisations/NGOs, are seen as assets.
    •    SNIS Awards: two distinguished prizes award young researchers for their outstanding scientific work.
    •    SNIS conferences & workshops on issues related to international studies.
    •    Development of synergies between academic disciplines, as well as collaboration between Swiss organisations of higher education and with international organisations/NGOs, with the aim of building a network.
    •    International conferences organised by Swiss universities and academic organisations.
    •    International Geneva Incubator Workshops: Funding of joint workshops between international organisations in Geneva and Swiss academia in view of future project .
Funding and Partnerships
The SNIS is funded by the State Secretariat for Education and Research of the Swiss Confederation, and the Department of Public Instruction of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.
The SNIS has also created a meaningful partnership with several Swiss or foreign academic institutions over the years, therefore generating an effective network of collaboration in the knowledge sector. In addition, it has also developed relationships with International Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and private institutions, which is part of the strategy aimed at promoting and widening research on international studies.
Swiss Network for International Studies
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Dr. B. Fuhrer