The IAM professionalises the communication process in journalism and organisational communication. The Institute offers the entire spectrum of services which universities are mandated to provide: education, vocational training, research and consultancy.
The IAM offers diploma and post-diploma courses to full-time students and working professionals attending its continuing education courses. Both its student and continuing education programmes are modular in their structure and based on the bachelor and master’s degree system. Taken together, these two levels offer teaching which ranges from the design to the management of communication processes.
The IAM carries out applied research which is directed towards resolving specific problems in the fields of journalism and organisational communication. This research draws on the theories and methods of communication studies, media studies and linguistics. The focal points of IAM’s research are Media Linguistics, Journalism, Organisational Communication and Management, and Organisational Communication and Public Sphere.
The IAM also carries out research-based communication consultancy work for clients in the fields of journalism and organisational communication. Specific problems these clients encounter when communicating with the public are analysed and practical solutions are developed based on relevant insights from research in the fields of media and communications studies.
With the students attending its three-year diploma course and those participating in the range of post-diploma courses it offers, the IAM has a total student body of nearly 500.
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Guido Keel
Managing Director and Lecturer, IAM Institute of Applied Media Studies
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