The Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) is a university-wide, interdisciplinary research center dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities within Central Asian mountain communities and environments.
MSRI's goal is to support and enhance the resilience and quality of life of mountain societies through the generation and application of sound research. MSRI has five objectives:
To generate new knowledge on mountain societies from academically sound research;
To enhance Central Asian capacity to conduct sound research relevant to mountain societies;
To serve as a knowledge hub for scholars, development practitioners and decision-makers;
To inform policy and practice through sound research; and
To contribute to the development of UCA academic programmes relevant to mountain societies.
MSRI, together with its regional and international partners, actively works to transfer knowledge to policy and practice aimed at improving the quality of life for people of the mountain areas in Central Asia, including the Tien Shan, Pamir and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. MSRI is the first of several planned research institutes at UCA.
Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI)
University of Central Asia
138 Toktogul Street
720001 Bishkek

Horst Weyerhaeuser
Director MSRI
Phone: 00996 770 822 963