The Center for Economic and Social Studies, CISS Econometrica, was founded in La Paz, Bolivia in 1991, as an independent institution, with the premise that knowledge is essential to generate development, reduce economic and social disparities, eradicate poverty and ensure that Bolivia, Latin America and the world itself, have more equity.
Under the commitment of the founders, Dr. Rolando Morales and Ms. Anaya. Michele Morales Escoffier, to develop an independent, critical and appropriate work needs, we have developed more than 80 social and economic studies.
CIESS-ECONOMETRICA is qualified to apply quantitave methods in the social sciences and tackle complex problems of social organization associated with sociology, anthropology, public health, education, and related sciences.
CIESS-ECONOMETRICA, under the concept of transdisciplinarity and networking, is supported by professionals with national and international reputation in specific areas of development (doctors, sociologists, engineering, computer science, etc). From 2008, under a continuous improvement approach, CIESS- Econometrica expands its services, conducting research in production, innovation, food security, climate change, project development and other social areas.
The CIESS-ECONOMETRICA team develops integrated economic, social and productive research with a high social commitment, generating knowledge, facilitating decision-making, creating additional value with a focus on continuous improvement to meet and exceed the expectations of the Bolivian and Latin American public and private agencies, social organizations and international organizations.
The Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas (IIE), independent unit from the San Andrés University, has signed a scientific social research agreement with CIESS-ECONOMETRICA.Both institutions will work within a framework of mutual support in terms of proffesional ressources. According to the agreement, CIESS-ECONOMETRICA takes the leadership and centralizes communications with other agencies.
Centro de Estudios Económicos y Sociales (CIESS-ECONOMETRICA)
2355 Arce Av.
#201, Second Floor
La Paz
Phone: 00591 2 2113303

Rolando Morales Anaya
Founding member