FGV is one of the most influential think tanks in the world. It is ranked the 27th best think tank in the world and 1st in South and Central America by the Global Go To Think Tanks Rankings. It was also recognized by The New York Times as one of the best 100 tertiary schools in the world and the best in Brazil. In 2011, FGV had 3,549 undergraduate students, 1,232 master’s degree students and 322 Ph.D. students. FGV encompasses 8 schools in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, an economics research institute (IBRE), and several research centers. The main purpose of these research centers is to investigate questions related to Brazilian policies and to communicate the results to a broader public, especially to policymakers and NGO. The research centres consist of professors from different schools, graduate and undergraduate students. Professors at FGV are top-notch researchers, with publications in top journals. In 2011, the researchers at FGV published 1599 articles in a range of different scientific journals. In addition, they published 297 books.
FGV edits seven academic journals, including the most prestigious academic journal in economics in the country, Revista Brasileira de Economia (Brazilian Review of Economics). In order to disseminate the results of the research to the general public, FGV also publishes 8 magazines, including the “Conjuntura Econômica,” which contains all the indices calculated by IBRE. Since its founding in 1944, FGV has played an unmatched role in providing and disseminating relevant information for policy-making in Brazil. For instance, IBRE was the first research institute that calculated the Brazilian GDP. Nowadays, IBRE is responsible for one of the official inflation indices, IGPM. In addition, FGV helps the Brazilian Federal Government by providing studies to several government agencies, such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, and BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank). FGV also carries on research in many developing countries around the world, especially in Africa (Guinea-Conakry, Zambia, Liberia and Mozambique).
São Paulo School of Economics FGV had as its purpose the advancement of a centre of excellence in learning and research which contributed to the economic and social development of the country and to the pursuit of a national identity.
São Paulo School of Economics, FGV has three main points as guidelines:
- Viewing Brazil and contributing to bring about development through an awareness of Brazilian reality and the reinforcement of national identity;
- Contributing for the formation of an intellectual and leading elite in the Country, for a nation is not rich devoid of its own intellectuality and of leaders who are informed and committed to its reality; and
- Participating and contributing to the discussion and analysis of the main issues on the national economic and social development agenda.
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