Unige Sociology counts about 50 researchers and teachers and is the most important sociology school in Switzerland. The teaching is organised on three levels:
The Bachelor with a common first year of the Faculty guaranteeing a broad knowledge of social sciences and a second part in which the basic topics and methods of contemporary sociology are discussed.

The Master programme in sociology which is skill-oriented and combines profound learning modules in different methods (audiovisual, discourse analysis and network analysis, statistics, intervention techniques, observation) and a one-year research project carried out in a small group setting.

The doctoral school, which is organised on 10 to 12 thematic days at year.

Research is another strength of the Department which has its own laboratory and many mandates at the international, national and local levels.
Specific fields: visual sociology, gender studies, socio-economics, communication and media or demographics.

Advanced sociology students also have the opportunity to be involved in this research when they participate in the Master in Sociology Research Workshops, renewed annually. These workshops are taught in effect to bring the joint research and teaching.The Department of Sociology publishes some the research output in his series "Sociograph" Sociological Research Studies and Working Papers.

Finally, the Department of Sociology founded the Observatory of Student Life, which produced since the early 2000s, several global studies on student life.
Département de Sociologie
Université de Genève
Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 40
1211 Genève 4
Phone: 0041 22 379 83 03

Lucio Baccaro
Professor of Sociology, project leader
Ruya Gokhan Kocer
Post-doc researcher