The University is a highly treasured place for the pursuit of truth and intellectual excellence through nurturing the habit of free inquiry and scholarship as well as research, through the propagation and dissemination of knowledge and its preservation thereof. In this connection, the AAU has been engaged in research and community service activities since its establishment in 1950. As a result of the research activities of members of the University, important contributions have been made to society in various sectors.
Research has been integrated with technology transfer and upgraded in the organizational structure to be visible at the highest level in parallel with the teaching-learning process.
Researches at Addis Ababa University are mainly conducted with partnership of researchers from diverse fields of studies and production systems. This extends into the involvement of government institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations and others that will finally use the research outcomes, be it in the form of knowledge generation, extended technology or initiation of further research that will increasingly address societal problems at different level.
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