IZB provides expertise for universities of teacher education, educational institutions and authorities, and organisations involved in development cooperation.

IZB is a competent partner for:
• Consulting and evaluations e.g. of educational projects in transition countries and in the Global South;
• Pre-service and in-service teacher education courses e.g. on intercultural learning or cultural diversity;
• Research and development projects e.g. to analyse educational interventions and to optimise their effectiveness.
Main topics
Developing perspectives: Education in Development Cooperation
IZB is engaged in development cooperation in different countries through consultancy, assignments, partnerships and research projects. In this way, IZB supports locally based improvements to the quality of education in countries of the Global South. IZB also transfers its experience in this field to teacher education in Switzerland thus raising the awareness of Swiss educational institutions to the perspectives of the Global South.

Changing perspectives: Interculturality
IZB is committed to Intercultural Education in schools and education. IZB focuses on the demands which professionals in education face in an increasingly international environment. It reveals how teachers and other stakeholders in education can be prepared to deal with these demands effectively and constructively.

Opening perspectives: Internationalisation
IZB is committed to promoting a meaningful and diversified internationalisation in teacher education. IZB deals with pedagogical questions resulting from the discourse on internationalisation, and provides new impulses for this increasingly important issue at universities of teacher education. IZB conducts research on how exchange, mobility and international cooperation can be effectively achieved in institutions from an educational point of view and shows ways to optimise the benefits of these activities for all involved parties.
Institute for International Cooperation in Education IZB
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Eveline Steinger
Head of IZB

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