Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Studies (CARDS) is structurally under the Institute of Research and Community Empowerment - Institut Pertanian Bogor (LPPM IPB). CARDS established by Rector Decree number 061/K13/OT/2005. Currently, CARDS main task in the field of research and development of education and community service related to the implementation and results of the research. CARDS vision is "To be the Leading Studies Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development". CARDS mission are (1) to develop academic studies in the field of agriculture socio-economics  (in the broad sense) that oriented at improving the welfare of farmers and rural communities in Indonesia; (2) Developing innovative ideas in the field of socio-economic study of agriculture, agrarian, gender and poverty reduction in Indonesia; (3) Developing approaches to the empowerment of farmers and rural communities to meet the degree of social welfare better; and (4) participate in the processes of development of socio-economic sciences and the development of agriculture in the broad sense.
CARDS has six research divisions, namely:
A. International Economic Division that aimed to address the challenges of global competition with  focus on: (1) policies conducive to investment, (2) System institutional support investment, (3) Assess the creation of industries and manufacturers that can compete and terintregrasi with the world as a way to achieve development based on agriculture (4) The assessment of international trade policy aimed to maintain the competitiveness of Indonesian products that have a comparative advantage, (5 ) In the medium and long term conduct education and training of human resources.
B. Agriculture Politic and Rural Development Division has task  to develop and produce research that focus on topics: (1)  Governance system, (2)  Agriculture and natural resources politics, (3) Rural community development, (4) Rural development institution, (5) Partnership studies, and (6)Rural livelihood system.
C. Gender and Development Division with the orientation of activity: 1) Study  the problems of gender inequality in the countryside, (2) Research and training on gender mainstreaming in agriculture and rural development, (3) Integrating gender analysis approaches in poverty reduction, nutrition and increased quality of life, (4) Studies on marriage and divorce and its impact on the status of women and gender relations, (5) Studies of gender and family dimensions in a group of elderly population, (6) Study of gender, protection of children and women in cases of domestic violence and "traffiching", (7) Gender analysis of social deviation among children, adolescents and adults, (8) Develop a network of cooperation in the context of information about women's studies and the publication of the study results page.
D. Agrarian Research Division that promote agrarian reform is the concept and movement changes the emphasis on structural aspects of the agrarian reform agenda so that a total reform in the fields of economics, politics and law.
E. Poverty Reduction and Community Empowerment Division that actively participate in efforts to improve the welfare of the agricultural community in the broadest sense in particular and rural people in general. The focus of the activities undertaken are community empowerment and poverty alleviation. These activities include broad aspects ranging from poverty study activities and community empowerment to tangible action programs, such as mentoring, training, the effort for the availability of capital, the formation of an organization or group, and so on.
F. Agricultural Development and Agribusiness Division with the direction of the study include: (1) Assessment agribusiness development subsystem comprising upstream agribusiness, aquaculture, agribusiness downstream and supporting services (such as financial institutions and finance, transportation, counseling and information services agribusiness and agribusiness insurance) , (2) Market research included in agribusiness subsystem (product upstream, downstream, cultivating and supporting agribusiness), (3) study the government policy in the field of agribusiness, (4) Assessing the position, potential, development opportunities and the development of agribusiness and (5) feasibility study on each subsystem.
To realize the activities each of division is co-operation with various parties such as NGOs, community organizations, universities, research institutions, donor agencies, governments, private sector, cooperatives, and so on.
Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Studies (CARDS)
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Dr. Lala M Kolopaking
Head of Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (CARDS)
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Dr. Arya Hadi Dharmawan
Head of Agriculture Politics and Rural Development Research Division.
He is in charge to lead OPAL research project in Indonesia - a collaborative research activities led by ETH Zurich and CIFOR.
Mobile Phone: 00628111111775 and 00628121100088