The Luc Hoffmann Insitute is set up via  three thematic programme and each is coordinated by a research lead who works inside the WWF network and beyond to explore research opportunities and needs. They partner with academics and policy and practice experts to design and execute each research project.
The  research programmes reflect:
  • The existing and emerging threats to conservation efforts on the ground and in the oceans;
  • The critical need to consistently value biodiversity and ecosystem services within a wide range of decision-making and policy contexts;
  • Our conviction that long-term solutions to conservation problems cannot be found without fundamental change in global patterns of consumption and production.

Luc Hoffman Insititute, WWF International
Avenue du Mont-Blanc
1196 Gland

Phone: 0041 22 364 9111
Fax: 0041 22 364 0332


Dr. Malika Virah-Sawmy
Sandrine Jimenez