The main focus of this platform is human development, the interaction between human beings and the ecosystem, and how, through respect for natural resources, sustainable growth and development can be generated in rural areas.
NES Naturaleza contributes to the social and economic transformation of rural areas and agribusiness. Furthermore, promotes sustainable productive projects in the long term.
The work spheres are:
a) Inclusive Business & Social capital develoment;
c)Knowledge management,
d) Implementation of sustainable standards.
NES Naturaleza is based in Colombia but main of its clients are international.
NES Naturaleza supports the growth of agriculture through the integration of the value chain and the inclusion of smallholders. This allows agribusiness and the rural sector to take advantage of global markets and fulfill their role of facilitators of progress and welfare.
Naturaleza, Energia y Sociedad - NES NATURALEZA SAS
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Alejandra Rueda
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