The Javeriana University in Bogotá has 18 schools comprising 61 departments and 181 academic programs catering to areas of knowledge, giving the university its multidisciplinary nature. It has 45 buildings in 445 acres (1.80 km2). The Javeriana University in Cali offers 18 schools in four faculties. The Javeriana University is one of the twelve universities in Colombia having a high quality institutional accreditation, granted to it for eight years by Resolution 1320 June 12, 2003, of the Ministry of National Education. The university has 21 undergraduate programs with high quality accreditation; other eight programs are in the more advanced accreditation process stages.
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Carrera 7 No. 40 - 62
Bogotá D.C.
Phone: 0057 1 3208320

Andres Etter
Professor School of Environmental and Rural studies
Armando Sarmiento
Head of Departement Ecology and Territory