The National University of Colombia is a public high level education institution with 150 years of history educating professionals in all knowledge areas, mainly engineering, humanities and sciences. As the nation's university, it fosters equal access to the Colombian educational system, provides the largest range of academic programs, and provides competent and socially responsible professionals. It contributes to the elaboration and resignification of the nation project, studies and enriches the cultural, natural and environmental heritage of the country. As such he advises on scientific, technological, cultural and artistic orders with academic and investigative autonomy.

The university is currently considered the best in the country and one of the best in the region of Latin America, the institution project itself as one of the best in the world in the short time.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL)
Carrera 45 # 26-85 Unidad Camilo Torres
Bloque 5 piso 4 PIRS
Phone: +57 316 50 00 ext-14094

Luis Carlos Belalcazar
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering