The KOF Swiss Economic Institute delivers profound insights into the field of Economic Research. Besides conducting surveys in all branches of the Swiss economy, it also creates forecasts and indicators for business cycle analysis. KOF's data pool of business surveys is unique in Switzerland. KOF uses these data sets to mirror the economic situations and moods of Swiss companies through the generation of indicators. Many of these surveys are carried out monthly and results are evaluated quarterly to be presented to the public. KOF also analyzes the innovation of Swiss companies, provides studies on health issues and comments on current economic developments. KOF is also involved in the joint economic forecast in Germany, which is used by the German Government as a directional measure of future economic development.

The research division Education Systems investigates what shifts are taking place in educational systems in light of globalization, an aging society and the breakneck evolution of technologies. It also examines the characteristics of the world’s most effective educational systems that are also in harmony with the demands of the labor market. The research division elaborates comparative analyses of countries with regards to different aspects of educational systems and makes recommendations for possible areas of cooperation to improve the positioning of the Swiss educational, employment and in particular the vocational training system.
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