The Institute offers Diploma, Master and Ph.D. degrees in African studies from the above departments. The diploma is granted after finishing assigned two-year courses. Thus, it provides a good opportunity for the graduate students to learn more about the African continent. The departments of History and Geography are the first departments established in the Institute, several specialization were established in the fields of social, human, political and economic sciences as well as natural resources. The Department of Natural Resources deals with the natural aspects of the continent, such as earth and water resources, climate, plants and animals in order to study the sources of natural wealth. These aspects need a comprehensive survey and scientific missions to discover and investigate the African natural resources. The Department of Anthropology deals in general with studying the African culture, the human races and the archaeological prehistory particularly in the Sahara desert and east Africa. These studies focus on the origin of Negroid race, its development and the relation of north Africa with the sub-Saharan regions besides the relation of Egypt with west Africa. The researches aim to show the extent of the unity of Africa in which some researchers are trying to divide the continent, and to prove that the desert was not a barrier between the north and south of the continent. African studies need to deepen the research on the national African languages such as Swahili in the east besides the other languages. The department of African languages has conducted a series of linguistic research studies dealing with the Arabic and Islamic influence on the Hausa language and its literature.

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