Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia (PFE) was established in 1998. The Forum was first initiated by Somali and Borena pastoral elders and a few NGOs working in pastoral areas. The Forum has been registered as local umbrella NGO since August 2003 with a Certificate Number 1125. Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia (PFE) is re-registered by the Charities and Societies Agency (CSA) with certificate number 1354 as an Ethiopian Residents and Foreign Charities Consortium.

PFE aspires to see empowered pastoralist enjoying sustainable development.

To bring positive changes in the livelihood of pastoralist through pastoral capacity building, empowerment, commercialization and entrepreneurship in Ethiopia.
Key Intervention areas
Commercialization and entrepreneurship
Networking and partnership building
Research and techmology transfer
Membership and coordination
Capacity Building and empowerment

Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia (PFE)
Box 364 , code 1250
Addis Ababa

Phone: 00251 11 662 83 43/44 or 251 11 663 79 56
Fax: 00251 11 662 83 45
Email : pfe@pfe-ethiopia.org