EIAR is responsible for the running of federal research centers, and RARIs are administered by the regional state governments. In addition to conducting research at its federal centers, EIAR is charged with the responsibility for providing the overall coordination of agricultural research countrywide, and advising Government on agricultural research policy formulation.
Currently, the EARS comprise 55 research centers and sites located across various agro-ecological zones. The research centers vary in their experience, human, facility, and other resources capacities. Some of the research centers and sites have one or more sub-centers and testing sites.

Core Mandates
Supply of improved agricultural technologies
Popularization of improved technologies
Coordination the national agricultural Researches
Capacity building of Researchers

EIAR’s vision is to see improved livelihood of all Ethiopians engaged in agriculture, agro-pastoralism and pastoralism through market competitive agricultural technologies.

EIAR’s mission is to conduct research that will provide market competitive agricultural technologies that will contribute to increased agricultural productivity and nutrition quality, sustainable food security, economic development, and conservation of the integrity of natural resources and the environment. As an apex body, EIAR provides strong leadership in coordinating research within the Ethiopian Agricultural Research System (EARS), by taking a leading role in influencing agricultural policy development.

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR)
P.O.box 2003
Addis Ababa

Phone: 00251 11 6462633 41
Fax: 00251 11 6461294


Solomon Assefa
Director General EIAR

Phone: 00251 911 255669