IHDP's mission is to produce, promote and coordinate innovative social science research that informs and improves societal responses to global environmental change.

In order to better understand the interactions of humans with and within their natural environment, IHDP advances interdisciplinary interaction and collaborates with the natural, physical and social sciences.

IHDP enhances the capacities of research and policy communities through a large network and research community, and furthers a shared understanding of the social causes and implications of global change.

Finally, IHDP facilitates dialogue between science and policy, including decision-makers of all kinds, to ensure that research results feed into the appropriate policy-planning and law-making processes.

International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP)
UN Campus
Hermann-Ehlers-Str. 10
53113 Bonn

Phone: 0049 228 815 0600