On the realization that the marginalized fate of the Dayak was due to a negative impact of development, in 1981, in Pontianak, a small group of the Dayak intellectuals established a foundation what is called Yayasan karya Sosial Pancur kasih (YPSPK). All the founders were teachers, hence the first service by this foundation was in formal education, which respects the Dayak culture and caters for the Dayak perspective. As well as developing its size, the services of YKSPK expanded to other fields, such as social, economic, and culture. In 1987, YKSPK established Pancur Kasih Credit Union. In 1991, YKSPK established a Community Credit Bank (BPR) in Sungai Pinyuh, around 50 km from Pontianak. The purpose of establishing this branch was to serve as a small-scale credit to the people in rural areas.

At the end of 1990, YKSPK established Institute of Dayakology Research and Development (since 1998, the name changed to Institut Dayakologi). The background of this establishment came about from a reality that the Dayak culture is in near destruction by the entering of various state development programs into the many aspects of the Dayak's life. The reason for the establishment of this institution is to actively research and advocate for the Dayak culture and publications, to increase the consciousness of the Dayak women, economic community, and to increase the Dayak self-confidence.

Institute Dayakologi
Komp. Bumi Indah Khatulistiwa
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78241 Pontianak

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