The Department of Development Studies under the School of Arts (SOA) of Kathmandu University, one of the youngest departments of the University, offers multidisciplinary courses to meet the growing complexity of choices, issues, scales and resources encountered in the planning, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of development activities. The department aims to establish a centre of excellence in the near future that conducts research and policy dialogues on diversified issues related to development, development activities and interventions.

Department of Development Studies
Currently there are two Master’s programs being offered at the department, namely Masters in Human and Natural Resources Studies (HNRS) and Masters in Development Studies (DEVS). Both of these are interdisciplinary programs that seek to aim to produce a cadre of professionals capable of coordinating, guiding, evaluating, improving and propagating efforts aimed at identifying people’s problems of multi-faceted nature, and arousing and assisting the communities in resolving those problems through the application of appropriate integrated approaches in the field of social sciences. These programs have been designed to offer students the opportunity to select from a range of courses that prepare the students in conducting appropriate interdisciplinary research. Above all, the program seeks to engage students intellectually and professionally in the critical issues of social change so that that the students will be well prepared for meeting the complexities of the ever changing social structures and realities.

The Masters in Human and Natural Resources (HNRS) aims at assisting students to:

Acquire knowledge and skills concerning natural resources and community linkage,
- Develop capability and confidence to contribute nationally and internationally towards managing the human and natural resources fruitfully,
- Effectively conduct basic and applied research, work in a team and individually,
- Prepare and present (communicate) findings in the field of human and natural resources management;
- Prepare for the pursuance of further studies in related areas.

To achieve the above objectives the program emphasizes on:
- Social dimension to natural resource management;
- Research of action- and people-oriented nature;
- Attention to the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized groups of people;
- Analyzing and addressing the real life situation in Nepal; and
- Utilization of past studies and research outputs

Department of Development Studies
School of Arts
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Mahesh Banskota
Prof. Dr.
Sagar Raj Sharma
Dr., Associate Professor, Associate Dean