WWF-Nepal envisions a prosperous Nepal with a society possessing an ethic of stewardship and responsibility towards nature.
By 2050 Nepal will have:
- Conserved biodiversity and the natural processes that sustain it in the Global 200 Ecoregions within Nepal.
- Established social and economic development patterns that assure the sustainable and equitable provision of natural goods and services, improving livelihoods and quality.
- Eliminated or mitigated critical threats to species, habitats, and ecological processes that derive from climate change, over exploitation of resources, unsustainable consumption, and pollution.

WWF-Nepal’s Mission is to stop the degradation of Nepal’s natural environment, and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature by:
- Conserving biological diversity
- Ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources
- Reducing pollution and wasteful consumption
- Securing sustainable livelihoods

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